Calle 19e # 19-15 Portal Campestre II Etapa   Girón Santander / Colombia

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We are the Colombian international marketer of premium Tahiti Lemon Fresh, dedicated to meeting the highest standards according to the requirements of the world market and demands of our customers by offering healthy products, high nutritional value and excellent features.


The leading product is the Tahiti lemon, which handle different forms according to the needs of our customers and guarantee that our product is fresh, and free from harmful to consumer health waste.


TROPICAL FRUITS EXPORT SAS, born by the strong conviction to offer our domestic and foreign customers excellent quality products that are grown in Colombia, in order to increase the value of their products and expand sales opportunities.


We seek sustainable development of shareholders and producers, the welfare of our employees and the progress of the communities where we operate in Colombia, mainly Santander.




To provide our national and international clients on a regular and consistent manner, fresh lemon the highest quality standards based production and quality that exceed their requirements and needs thus achieving rapid and sustained growth of the company Tahiti, generating value to shareholders and our employees welfare.

Being one of the top leaders in the marketing of tropical products from Colombia companies, through continuous innovation in products, processes and management, positioned as the best qualified, most profitable and diversified country.




The health and safety of our employees are priorities for Tropical Fruits Export, as well as preventing damage to the environment and our working environment.



We promote a positive and constructive working environment in order to make the company grow and evolve the company facing changes required for the purpose of growing the company and workers.



We seek coherence between our thoughts, actions and words; We make good use of resources and act with ethics, equity, fairness and transparency.



we understand the commitment to excellence that we assume our responsibilities, quality, continuous improvement of our processes and effectiveness in meeting the objectives.



We recognize the differences and rights of others and value the social and natural environment, subject to current regulations and strict law enforcement.


Positive attitude

We have an optimistic view of the future, and a proactive, flexible behavior, open to change and lifelong challenge.


Corporate social responsibility

we are sensitive and we are committed to the people, communities and the environment.



Calle 19e # 19-15 Portal Campestre II Etapa   Girón Santander / Colombia

(+57) 317 414 9365           (+57) 317 373 5009          (+57) 7 615 9268

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